Two Door Cinema Club



Sleep Alone


Basement people @ 10.09.2014 15:04
When are you coming to london?!
basemant person @ 13.02.2014 09:58
basemant person @ 13.02.2014 09:57
you guys HAVE to release an acoustic album it would be epic I know I would definitely buy it and probably every one on this website come on guys say you agree! :-D
julie.tanaputra @ 03.02.2014 12:20
Love all of your songs so much ! It's a bit difficult to find your albums here in Surabaya - Indonesia, but i'm going on a trip abroad soon & I WILL find Toursit History & Beacon >:D I hope I'll have the chance to see your performance live
Jordan*TDCC @ 20.12.2013 07:29
Love TDCC they're amazing one of the best bands I know!!! My favourite songs are undercover Martyn, handshake and sun!
jordan @ 16.12.2013 03:54
greatboy006 @ 17.11.2013 13:05
Im 23 years old, indie rock musician and you are best bend in the world for me! Come to Croatia on -Terraneo- festival next summer, you have never been here, we have beautifull coast and girls ;) I have empty house on hill with 3 rooms for you guys! ;) I love this song couse i often dream lucid dreams
MazieBleu @ 13.10.2013 15:16
You guys are amazing!!!Cant wait to see you on the 21st!!!
lifewithoutRory11 @ 26.09.2013 12:20
lifewithoutRory11 @ 26.09.2013 12:20
Been a fan off Two Door Cinema Club since 2009. Always loved there music and always will, I cant go a day without at lease listening to 1 song. Love you guys loads. Keep up the good work! Hopefully will be seeing you soon at the 02 area, by the way well done for getting so far!
cathrynmbutler @ 05.09.2013 12:34
A new fan to tdcc.. would you believe after the Debenhams advert about 4 months ago... saw you guys at V festival.. totally blown away bloody awesome.. loads of tour dates but need more in the uk ... Desperate to take my 14yr old son to one of your gigs.......!!! Were in N Wales so you need to come to Manchester or Liverpool.........!!!!
mary.lee153 @ 29.08.2013 12:31
K3Y8L4D3 @ 26.08.2013 16:54
Sarah1919 @ 24.08.2013 12:54
They are coming to London and I am currently sobbing because I can't go see them
dahrilauda @ 20.08.2013 11:09
i'm sleep alone tonight...
WordsOfWisdom @ 20.08.2013 10:41
Please come to turkey! Oh ım just 14 and ı am big fan of tdcc and ım proud of ıt yes ı might not have an tdcc lover friend but ı love you on my own. Great lrycis oh great.
Barbara @ 24.07.2013 18:58
Amooooo toda a genialidade da criatividade de todos os seus clips. Amo vocês rapazes, Bjs!
OLIVIA2DCC @ 23.07.2013 02:24
I think that we can all agree that they are amazing and they should never stop writing songs, love you boys! x
basementpeople @ 11.07.2013 19:54
When I found out that they are coming to play really close by me soon I fell on the floor, my eyes teared up because I was so happy and began to scream. This actually happened. Thank you Two Door Cinema Club for being perfection. :)
buskermnj @ 07.07.2013 08:20
the best band ever in my whole life