Two Door Cinema Club


25th June 2012


 A lot has happened since we were in the USA a few weeks ago and we're super
happy to be taking our new album to NYC in September to headline the Rumsey
Playfield in Central Park on September 28th!!
tickets go on sale this friday at 12pm EST (06.29.12) from:


allykarn @ 28.06.2012 21:37
i really hope u guys come to canada (southern Ontario) coz i would probably hyperventilate, start to cry, then pass out... but i would totally buy like the whole thing out so it would just be me(i am not a crazy person) that would be awesome!
ChaCha @ 28.06.2012 18:14
I dont even know where to start. You guys rock. I saw you perform at Bonnaroo. It sent chills through my body. Just recently got Tourist History and I cant stop listening to it. I listen at home, in the car, at work. I love your music. Continue to be true to your craft and keep making that good music. P.S. you guys are my favortite band. Cant wait to see your perform again.
carolaguiarh @ 28.06.2012 12:09
brazil need you =(
eric.dutka @ 27.06.2012 22:17
Could this be hinting that there'll be more shows in the USA after this? I hope so. If not, please do come back soon! I can't wait for your new album (already have the vinyl pre-ordered) and for the chance to see you live (hopefully in Detroit or Toronto)! You guys are so incredible!