Two Door Cinema Club


16th July 2014

splendour in the grass announcement

It is with a heavy heart that we are going to need to cancel our upcoming trip to Australia for Splendour in the Grass. Alex collapsed at Seattle airport on the way to London and has been hospitalised with a chronic stomach complaint. We are devastated to have to cancel this show that we were so looking forward to. We can only apologise and hope for your understanding at this time.

Love TDCC x


Jkat547 @ 29.09.2015 10:08
Please come to ohio! That would be amazing
M_Frost @ 24.09.2015 09:54
praying for a successful recovery!
Germán_Alonso @ 30.08.2015 16:45
I´m fan from Paraguay. We Need New Musicx2 !!! awaiting the return!! Esperando su Regreso...
Brookie @ 18.08.2015 22:02
Consider a gig in Tampa, Florida ASAP!
David_Vasquez @ 07.07.2015 11:52
elenasmaria @ 07.06.2015 12:25
eclectickey @ 03.06.2015 09:10
hope he gets better soon! can't wait for new music or some gigs!
Sasha_Kanarski @ 02.06.2015 21:30
Come back to North Carolina, plz plz plz! :)
ana.stasia @ 29.04.2015 14:37
KimAWurm @ 13.04.2015 21:09
Prayers for Alex and hoping for a speedy recovery and well rested.
indiehooligan226 @ 09.04.2015 11:36
Hopefully he makes a full recovery I can't wait till you guys start touring again!
xavier.nunez.5209 @ 02.04.2015 20:30
Um, so where are they now? I'm also anxiously waiting for any new music. Their last piece of news was about a year ago!
wtfden @ 31.03.2015 21:25
waiting for you guys to come back stateside and perform in L.A. again!!!
Deski7 @ 31.03.2015 06:19
Hey, when is your next concert 2015 in Europe?
msah64 @ 20.03.2015 11:38
Time to come back to Philly!!!
miwki @ 03.03.2015 13:46
miss you guys I love your song
ixAlternative @ 01.03.2015 17:20
I miss you guys! I shall be in one of your guys concerts one day!
irewmichel @ 26.02.2015 08:49
I am expecting anxiously a new album from the band. I adore your music and I would like to enjoy a concert again. I was in Low Cost Benidorm 2012. Great Great Great show. I adore you. I m still waiting for a new album. Thank you for your music. Your music is my soul.
zackmartin @ 17.02.2015 16:48
Hello, My name is Zack Martin and I just wanted to thank you guys, Two Door Cinema Club, for making the greatest album of all time, Tourist History. I realized today that it has been 5 years since its release and wanted simply express to you how much I’ve cherished it and the rest of your music. Without over exaggerated, Tourist History is my favorite album of all time and thank you for that. It has gotten me through some tough times in my life. Hope to hear some new music from you guys soon and maybe see you play again. Thanks, Zack Martin.
Nat_ali97 @ 07.02.2015 12:45
Please come to Kansas!!!